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Clinical Evaluations:

Interlock devices are breathalyzers installed in the vehicle. 

​​​Intervention Course:

We provide DUI/Drug Risk Reduction Education using the PRIME FOR LIFE curriculum by Prevention Research Institute.  Renee Eady owner of A Driving Advantage and Life Navigation Center is a National Master Instructor and trains other instructors to teach the PRIME FOR LIFE program. She loves teaching and invites anyone who wants to learn more about alcohol and or other drugs to take the course. It helps those with a DUI/Drug charge reinstate their driver’s license and it helps anyone learn more to reduce future risk with substances. This is a great class for parents who want to learn information to educate their teens about high risk choices. The course allows for a variety of perspectives and is taught by non-judgmental instructors. Our Certification numbers are 1480 and 1482.

The 20 hour intervention course is taught over 3 days. We have interactive compassionate instructors. They work with you to complete the course as well as make plans on how to prevent negative outcomes. The risk reduction course is $360.00: Needs Assessment  $100.00, Course $235.00 and material is $25.00.

​​DUI/Drug Risk Reduction

Every Georgian convicted of DUI, drug possession, underage possession of drugs, or underage possession of alcohol while driving a vehicle is required to complete a Risk Reduction Program approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to be eligible for possible reinstatement of his or her driver's license. This approved Risk Reduction Program consists of two components. Each component price is set by the Georgia State Legislator. No program can charge more or less. The difference is schedule and quality of instructors.  At A Driving Advantage our instructors are well trained and are here to help you create your own risk reduction plan to avoid future problems.  Renee Eady owner of A Driving Advantage is a Master Level Instructor - no boring class here.

You will need to complete two steps to complete the DUI/Drug Risk Reduction Course: NEEDS Assessment and Intervention Course. In addition, some people will need to take a Clinical Evaluation and possibly complete a recommended Treatment Program. Multiple offenders will also need to have an Interlock Device Installed.  At A Driving Advantage, we can help you navigate the full process.

This 130 question self-administered questionnaire is used to help each person learn more about their own choices and how far those choices have taken them towards problematic behavior. As well as, what they can do to reduce negative  outcomes in the future.  $100.00.

Interlock Devices:

​​​NEEDS Assessment:


Clinical Evaluations are a face to face interview and conversation you have with a substance abuse counselor to discuss past substance use and any life circumstances that have increased your risk in the past, current or future risk of substances. They work with you to get a clear overall history as well collaborate with you to create a plan to move forward and reduce future risk. The conversation may result in no referral or could include education or a counseling referral. The referrals will be based on the overall risk assessment, Georgia laws, and your own goals and needs.  If it is recommended you seek, further counseling, the evaluator will provide you with an up-to-date list of providers in your area that meet DBHDD and DDS requirements.