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When it is time for your  “BABY” to learn to drive, trust them with A Driving Advantage. At A Driving Advantage, it is much more than GOSTOP and TURN!  You want them to learn how to drive safely as well as handle those unexpected situations.  We can be trusted to go the extra mile.


Why A Driving Advantage compared to another driving school?
A Driving Advantage was established in 1991 and is the oldest full service driving school in the West Georgia Area.  Renee Eady owner of A Driving Advantage is a leading expert on safe driving and a former racer car driver with multiple SCCA National Championships.  She was the Chief Driving Instructor for the National Solo Tour in 2000. She also has a master’s degree in education with a professional counseling specialty. She works with each of her instructors on how to teach advanced driving techniques to new drivers. We take pride in knowing we have provided many of the necessary tools to help new drivers become safe and competent. 

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With us you can receive personalized instruction for driver’s education and hands on driving lessons. Gain an understanding of advanced driving techniques and learn responsibility of being behind the steering wheel. A Driving Advantage is a full-service driving school in Carrollton and Dallas, Georgia. We will help you learn safe driving skills and reduce your risk of being involved in traffic collisions. We offer hands on and live trainings as well as on-line programing. ​​

Students who have successfully completed the state-approved program consisting of thirty hours of classroom and six hours of behind- the-wheel training from A Driving Advantage are eligible for testing. After a student has passed the on-the-road test, A Driving Advantage will issue a certificate the student will take to a DDS Customer Service Center (CSC) to be issued a driver’s license. 

The in-car private driving time is set up around the student’s schedule and driving ability.  On the first driving lesson, the student’s driving ability will be assessed and they will practice for the Department of Driver Services (DDS) road test. The following driving lesson(s) will be set up using the best methods to advance the student’s driving ability and to help them become a safe competent driver. A list of recommendations is provided to parents to assist continued skillful practice. $65.00 per hour.


Driver's Education

Virtual Driver's Education: Our on-line course is interactive and fun. This course will comply with the educational component of Joshua's Law. You will need to then complete the actual drive time with one of our instructors, or parents can teach 40 one hour lessons needed in the Parent comprehensive course.  The cost of the virtual course is only $49.95. To sign up for virtual click button below and to return to your course. Upon your completion, Department of Driver Services (DDS) will be notified.  Remember to take your road test with us you must take the full 30/6 course.  If you want drive time to go along with the virtual course give us a call. 


The Driver’s Education course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private in-car lessons.  During the classroom instruction, students will learn about traffic laws, rules, regulations, signs, signals, lane markings, parts of the vehicle, changing a tire, effects of emotions on driving, drugs and alcohol effects well as defensive driving techniques. 

DDS Road Test Program: