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​​​​Counseling and Level I Treatment

Talking with your Kids about Alcohol and Drugs – (6 hour Green group workshop) This program utilizes the PRIME For Life® curriculum and is an evidence-based motivational prevention program. The program starts with building principles about other lifestyle related health problems to build a bridge to talk about Alcohol and Drugs – how they develop and can be prevented. This program prepares parents for a larger conversation about AOD.  The cost is $95.00. Call for more information.

Level I (ASAM) – American Society of Addiction Medicine: is a level of counseling from 3 to 9 hours a week.  Our programs meet once a week for 3 hours and offer one individual additional session a month at no charge.  In our Level I program, we use the PRIME Solutions curriculum (from Prevention Research Institute) with other specialty sessions sprinkled in based on individual needs of our clients.  The free individual session (one free per month), is based on the client’s needs and will concentrate on current issues, treatment planning or relapse prevention. We do not know of any other program offering a free individual session a month. We want you to be successful in meeting your personal goals. These may range from getting your license reinstated, meeting probation requirements and reducing risk of future problems with substances.

Be Your Best Self - (3 hour Purple group workshop) Come attend our workshop and discover better ways to be proactive, effective, and successful in your life! We will discuss ways to helping you become your best self, whether that is at home, at work, at school, or elsewhere. We can provide you with resources and knowledge that will help you achieve your full potential. Cost: $65. 

Time Management - (3 hour Purple group workshop) Is it hard to figure out where to start and how to prioritize your time and resources? Come attend our workshop and learn the best ways to get the things done you want and be most effective.  Cost: $65. 

Effective Communication (3 hour Purple group workshop) Have you ever wanted to become a better and more effective communicator? No matter what your life situation is, effectively communicating with ourselves and others can foster better understanding and connection. This in turn allows for stronger relationships whether it is in the home, the workplace, or elsewhere. Come attend our workshop and discover more effective and healthy ways to interact with others. Cost: $65.00 

DBHDD Clinical Evaluations: are a face to face interview and conversation you have with a substance abuse counselor to discuss past substance use and any life circumstances that have increased your risk in the past, currently or increase future risk of substances. They work with you to get a clear overall history as well collaborate with you to create a plan to move forward and reduce risk. The conversation may result in no referral or could include education or a counseling referral. The referrals will be based on the overall risk assessment, Georgia laws, and your own goals and needs.  If it is recommended to you seek further counseling, the evaluator will provide you with an up-to-date list of providers in your area that meet DBHDD and DDS requirements.

​​​​Clinical Evauations

Enroll Life Navigation Center Workshops:

Teens Navigate Alcohol and Drug Choices - (6 hour Green group workshop) This program utilizes the PRIME For Life® curriculum and is facilitated in a small group setting. It helps students feel engaged and comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and doing some self-reflections. An understanding of the potential risks associated with high-risk alcohol and drug choices is an important tool for protecting what we value. When presented in a non-judgmental way, carefully selected information can provoke new thinking and provide individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their own drinking and drug use.   The cost is $95.00.  Call us for a schedule.

Life Navigation Center is a sister organization to A Driving Advantage. We work to help clients move from wherever they are to where they want to go. This may be education, support, counseling or coaching.

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