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Driver's Education:

A Driving Advantage - Dallas

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We provide DUI/Drug Risk Reduction using the PRIME FOR LIFE curriculum by Prevention Research Institute.  Renee Eady owner of ADA and LNC is a National Master Instructor and trains other instructors to teach the PRIME FOR LIFE program. She loves teaching and invites anyone who wants to learn more about alcohol and or other drugs to take the course. It helps those with a DUI/Drug charge reinstate their driver’s license and it helps anyone learn more to reduce future risk with substances. This is a great class for parents who want to learn information to educate their teens about high risk choices. The course allows for a variety of perspectives and is taught by non-judgmental instructors. Our Certification numbers are Carrollton 1480 and Dallas 1482.

At Life Navigation Center (LNC), our counselors use motivational enhancement techniques to help each person identify their personal goals and tasks to reach them. We provide American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) LEVEL .05 Education and Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Our program complies with Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) and complies with Department of Driver Services (DDS) to reinstate driver’s licenses.  We offer Substance Abuse and certified DBHDD Clinical Evaluations. Certification DBHDD 1613.

Defensive Driving or Driver Improvement to reduce points, dismiss a ticket or reinstate from a traffic offense. Certification Carrollton 552 and Dallas 582.

A Driving Advantage - Carrollton

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​​​​​With us you can receive personalized instruction for driver’s education and hands on driving lessons. Gain an understanding of advanced driving techniques and learn responsibility of being behind the steering wheel. ​​Certification numbers are Carrollton 036 and Dallas 379.

Defensive Driving:

DUI/Drug Risk Reduction: